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June 27-30 bonaire hosted the 6th sorobon masters!

Sorobon Masters and Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge event is organized by Sorobon Masters Foundation in collaboration with Sorobon Beach Resort and the Dunckerbeck Speed Challenge organizer: 42 times world champion windsurfing Bjorn Dunkerbeck. The location of the event will be the Sorobon Beach Resort and the Lac Bay Area in front, which is the perfect windsurfing spot. Sorobon Beach Resort will also act as the location for the evening entertainment, dinners and parties that are related to Sorobon Masters.

Bonaire is the perfect windsurfing destination. Its name is widely known by the sport enthusiasts and thousands of windsurfers come to enjoy the Lac Bay lagoon each year. The lagoon is one of the most unique natural developments: a wide shallow warm water bay, protected by a coral reef, but open to strong ocean winds – what can be better for a windsurfer? Bonaire is also known for steady temperatures and sunshine all-year-round!

Sorobon Masters begins directly after the DefiWind Caribbean – a windsurfing long distance race in the open ocean in front of the island of Bonaire. Anyone coming to participate in Sorobon Masters, is also welcome to register and race during the DefiWind!

So extend your stay and also register for Defi Wind Caribbean!


In 2012 we asked Taty and Tonky Frans: “How can we help you and the next generation windsurfers here on Bonaire achieve their dreams?”
The answer was simple: “Organize more events where we, professionals, can practice and train the next generation racing and how to compete.”
The result was the first Sorobon Masters in 2013, organized by The Sorobon Masters Foundation: a slalom and freestyle race at Lac for all ages and nationalities.

Sorobon Masters Foundation works to promote the windsurfing youth and give them the space to thrive and reach their full potential. It is important to bring attention the amazing capabilities of the next windsurfing generation to the local Caribbean companies in order to maximize the full potential of promotional reach windsurfing tourism can bring! Read more

In 2015 Sorobon Masters Foundation invited Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Philippe Bru, who, after immediately falling in love with the unprecedented possibilities for windsurfing in Bonaire, created a collaborative triple event: Sorobon Masters, Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge and DefiWind Caribbean. Read more

In 2017, we had 66 slalom competitors, 21 Freestyle competitors, and 39 Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge competitors joined the competition. The youngest competitor was 8 years and the eldest competitor – 70.

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DefiWind Caribbean Winners in France 2019

Thanks to the financial support of the Sorobon Masters Foundation, the local winners of the Defiwind Caribbean 2018 will go to France to participate in the famous DefiWind Gruissan!

Bonaire will be present in Gruissan, France with Alyssa Wijnand, Jay-Anthony Nicolaas, Aron Etmon, Taty Frans and Nigel Hart.


2018 Edition of Sorobon Masters:

Sorobon Masters 2018 Gallery | Videos

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