How to get to Bonaire More info copy for the back end

Bonaire has one airport called Flamingo Airport.

Below you can find all the airlines that fly directly to Flamingo Airport in Kralendijk, Bonaire. 

AirlineDirect Flight From
TUI Amsterdam, NL
KLMAmsterdam, NL
United AirlinesNewark and Houston, USA
Delta AirlinesAtlanta, USA
Sunwing AirlinesToronto, CA
Aruba AirlinesOranjestad, Aruba
Insel AirWillemstad, Curacao
Divi Divi AirWillemstad, Curacao

Other recommendations on how to reach Bonaire are to fly to other ABC islands – Aruba or Curacao – and take a connecting flight with InselAir or Divi Divi Air. These airlines fly several times a day, every day. Sometimes its cheaper to book a flight on the bigger airport of Curacao and by a single retour from Curacao to Bonaire. Be careful! Some of these airlines are known to cancel flights or wont be on time, so if you dont like to take risks book a flight with just one booking agency or airliner.

Furthermore taking a surfboard with InselAir with small charters isn’t permitted. Therefore, we are looking in to arrange a boat, which for a fee can take your gear from Curacao to Bonaire. 

Also be aware if you book separate flight, you have to pay twice the luggage per airline!

There are some differentiations in price according to extra luggage and surf equipment. Below you can find a list of prices from different, most common airlines while flying to Bonaire. 

Flight agentPrice per single flight surf / kite luggageMax weight (kg)Max size (inch)
32kg-business class
118 inch
Delta$15032kg115 inch
United Airlines$20045.3 kg115 inch
InselAir$50 non USA
$100 Usa country
23-32kg (extra $40)
115 inch
Sunwing Airlines$10020kg144 inch

Here we give a list of all best prices to according to the package dates. Here we checked prices if you join only Defi wind and if you join both events including Sorobon Masters and or Dunckerbeck speed challenge.

We gave prices from the most important European cities and the American direct lines.

The prices are not exact dates but flexible (minus + 2 days) with at least the possibility to have all days needed for the contest.

We display cheapest rates (last checked on 2-2-2017). Rates change so check the skyscanner links for updated prices, we are not responsible for price changes.

The source for this info is Skyscanner.

Some Us flights (Houston, New York)  don’t seem to have good connections on specific dates so we mentioned flights shorter than 18 hours, otherwise has no use) Also some will connect better on opening day and closing event. Missing these is less important than the race, but beware.

Don’t forget to contact us if you plan to fly or partially fly with InselAir, since the are reluctant taking surfboards and we might help you get your gear here.

Flights for both events Defi Wind and Sorobon masters

16th till 26 (+2 days flexible)

CityPrice (€ for EU area and $ US area)Dates (June)AirlinerLink
Amsterdam€68816-27TuiFlySkyscanner link
Paris€94316-26Air France-KLMSkyscanner link
London€80916-26KLMSkyscanner link
New York$59116-26Caribbean Airlines + InselAirSkyscanner link
Boston$91216-25DeltaSkyscanner link
Houston$79917-25UnitedSkyscanner link
Miami$44716-26InselAir International + InselAir ArubaSkyscanner link
Curacao$10716-26InselAirSkyscanner link
Aruba$23616-26InselAirSkyscanner link

Flights for only Defi Wind

16th till 22 (+2 days flexible).

CityPrice (€ for EU area and $ US area)Dates JuneAirlinerLink
Amsterdam€69716-23TuiFlySkyscanner link
Paris€69716-22AirFrance-KLMSkyscanner link
London€73416-23KLMSkyscanner link
New York$62816-22Caribbean Airlines + InselAirSkyscanner link
Boston$82116-24DeltaSkyscanner link
Houston$80917-24UnitedSkyscanner link
Miami$44616-22InselAir International + InselAir ArubaSkyscanner link
Curacao$10716-22InselAirSkyscanner link
Aruba$24016-22InselAirSkyscanner link